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 EASY Zerg Build Order by LowkoTV

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PostSubject: EASY Zerg Build Order by LowkoTV   Tue Jun 09, 2015 10:41 pm

This is the build order explained in the video tutorial guide
Early game
14 Spawning Pool
15 Hatchery
15 Queen
17 Overlord
2x Zerglings
@First Queen: Second Queen
@Natural Hatchery: Third Queen
@Second Queen: 4th Queen

Transition to Lair
5:00 Double Extractor
100 Gas: Lair + Evolution Chamber
A little bit later: Roach Warren + 3rd Extractor
@Evo Chamber: +1 Missles Attack
@Lair: Glial Reconstitution (Roach Speed)

Timing Push
At max saturation (32 on Minerals and 9 on Gas), make as many Roaches as possible.
Push at Roach Speed and +1 Missles Attack.
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EASY Zerg Build Order by LowkoTV
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